Today I’m a chef...



...tomorrow I’m a Daddy, Friday I’m a baker, Saturday I am Bake with Jack and Sunday I’ll be a chef again. I’ll plan next week tomorrow...


This is how it goes. So many of you ask me what I do day to day and how I make it work, and when I say it out loud I am very conscious of the fact that I sound like I’m doing bits and bobs, or that I am on a jolly, or I’m a dodgy geezer just scraping things together. The truth is that sometimes I am scraping things together, and sometimes I am doing jobs that aren’t glamorous, or fun, or even just pleasant, but I don’t think I could do anything else. I work hard outside of work to make Bake with Jack a success and believe me, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

The trouble is, people who are a success never talk about this stuff until they already are a success. They don’t mention the hard work they put in around the work that they do, or the times they feel like giving up and jacking in the whole idea, or the times they are working for free again and again to get their name out there, to build a reputation and to prove themselves. That all becomes the beginning of a success story that is told after they are a success.

I feel like that’s one of the ways the world has changed since social media became a thing. We are all interested in each other’s “journeys” right? As cheesy as it sounds, we are. I know I am! I follow people on social media because their journey inspires me whether they get there or not. I’ve been wanting to share my journey for a long time, but never really was too sure where I should put it. I made videos for Facebook of just general thoughts knocking around in my head in that moment. I share my day to day on Instagram Stories, and I considered starting a new Blog just for those interested in my personal journey but you know what? I really want to document this stuff somewhere it can live permanently, so I'll pop it here in my blog, and you’ll get it in your Home Bakers Bulletin each week if you've signed up. If it is interesting to you let me know and if not, let me know too.

So I’m playing the long game. And no, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows but I believe that I can do it, I believe I can make my way doing the things I love. Not only that but I believe that anybody can do it. I’m starting with me, to prove to myself, and most importantly, to prove to my kids, that we have more opportunity than any generation before us to make massive things happen and it can be done, we just have to do it. We have the tools we need, in our hands and in our pockets to be able to reach people like never before!

I'm really nervous about pressing the "publish" button on this one because it's so personal. I get properly laughed at when I say to people that one day they will see me on tv. It happens a lot. But that’s where I want to be, and that’s where I see myself. This is the beginning of my success story, and one day... they will see me on tv.

Jack x