Q & A - Inconsistent rise time

Quick question Jack...

If you get a great first rise from your dough, but your second Rise at 45 minutes has not risen very much at all, do you just keep waiting until the second Rise actually Rises? Does that make sense?

Mike M, Texas via Instagram.

Hey Mike!

Yes. If it came up the first time it’ll come up again the second time!

If there is inconsistency between the two rise times it sounds like you’ve changed the environment (taken the dough from a warm place to a cool place) OR started off with warm water.

Dough rises faster in the warmth, and so bringing it away from a warm place will always mean the second proof will be slower because of the drop in temperature. And the same goes when you start withwarm water. Warm water will make a warm dough that gets super excited for the first proof. Then as it cools over time, the second rise will seem slow.

I always start everything at room temperature and rest it at room temperature for consistent rise.