A classic case of “Youngface”

I think yesterday was a classic case of “youngface”. Let me explain what I mean...


Often when I am out on a job people think I’m a youngster. They'll have me doing bits and bobs, odd jobs, and nothing requiring any particular responsibility or expertise. After a couple of weeks working on my own, even on temp jobs, I had company yesterday which was awesome! I chatted to a couple of chefs, introducing myself and asking about their stories, but sure enough I got put out the back on my own making salad and rolling up these mac and cheese balls.

I completely understand because nobody knows me, and they have stuff to do, so they make a judgement call and assign tasks accordingly. They have no idea that I’ve been in the chef game for 15 years.

I’m pretty sure that was the case anyway, because chef asked me where else I’ve worked this week. I replied, “just here, I only do this a couple of days a week”, and he said “oh ok. What do you do the rest of the time? Are you in college?” Classic.

Maybe I should be more forward, it's all part of the challenge. Or is it a challenge at all? It’s a weird situation and the truth is it doesn't really matter in this instance because I'm only here today, gone tomorrow. I'll do what I'm told, help where I'm needed and then go home.

Next time maybe I’ll talk loudly, and swear, and march about. Or maybe I’ll put an accent on for a laugh!