Q&A - Which flour should I dust my table with?

Hi Jack, thank you for your videos. My question is about the flour you use for your bread making. I am using Allinson strong white bread flour and when you are dusting the table to shape, your flour appears more dusty for want of a better description.

Which flour should I dust my table with?

When I am shaping the dough, I'll just dust with whatever I am using at the time, normally white. I use the least as I can possibly get away with, and try to flick it across the table to cover as much surface as possible with a very fine amount.

When it comes to the finish of your bread you can use whatever you like. Experiment with different types, I often dust with wholemeal flour when I am making a rustic looking bread because it adds to the effect, where as semolina will leave you with a crunchy coating.