Make amazing bread at home, I'll help you out along the way...

If you have never made bread before, it is probably easier than you think!

My bread making kits come with everything you need to make delicious bread at home, whether it is your first time, or you are looking to learn something new. Each one has an accompanying set of online videos for you to watch along the way, to help you through the tricky parts and make sure your bread is a success!

Your Recipes

Your bread kit contains all the ingredients you need (apart from water!) You'll learn how to make bread the proper way, and you'll get the full recipe to so you can bake it again and again

Your videos

Register your kit online, and instructional videos will arrive in your inbox, to help you through the tricky parts!

Bread Tip 16 is a snippet of what you'll receive

Share your success online

Tweet, Instagram or Facebook your success using the hashtag

#BreadKit, and I'll give you a shout out!

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Fougasse Kit & Online Course

A herb fougasse is a real showstopper. A simple to make, stunning dinner party centrepiece.

This kit makes two herb fougasse and the video guide that accompanies gives you the skills you need to make them again and again.


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Farmhouse Loaf Kit & Online Course
12.00 20.00

Real bread is a real triumph! With this kit you'll soon be enjoying proper sandwiches and toast from your very own farmhouse loaf.

This kit will make one farmhouse loaf, and the video guides that accompany will give you the skills to make the perfect loaf time and time again.


Kits expire May 30th 2018



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