A bread making course at home is a gift to remember...

A fully organised bread making course for the recipient to book at a time that suits.


Here's what you need to know when buying a private course as a gift:

Inviting Friends

By default, these vouchers are valid to book a bread making course for up to 4 people. The recipient can have a one-on-one course if they like, and they have the option to invite up to three of their friends to share their experience with. If they would like to add additional guests (the more the merrier!) they can at any point before their booking, and it'll only cost an additional £25 per extra person. Or if you'd like the gift to be for a larger group you can do that too, by changing the number of attendees on the form below.

Choosing a date

I know how tricky it can be to organise your own calendar, let alone somebody else's, and I'm sure you'll likely want to keep the gift a under your hat until you give it! To make it easy for everyone involved these vouchers will be valid for six months from the date of purchase (or six months from Christmas day if it's a Christmas gift). You won't need to give the game away, and recipient will have plenty of time to book their course in on a date that suits.

Choosing a course

If you have something specific in mind, you can choose the course you'd like to give as a gift here, or you can leave this part open too. When it comes to booking in the course, it's super simple. There will be instructions printed on it to let the recipient know where to go to book online and if you haven't chosen a course for them already, they will be free to cohose what they fancy at this point. Then I'll give them a call and we will arrange a suitable date and time together, and adjust the content to any dietary requirements if necessary.

Ordering your voucher

When you are ready to order your voucher fill in the details in the form below. I'll need to know an area to come to so I can calculate the total cost including travel, I'll send over an invoice and you'll be all set.

Your Name
Your Name
I'll need this to calculate the total cost
The recipient can invite additional guests at any time for a small charge
Write a short message here and I will personalise your voucher