This page is here because of you…

So many of you have sent me emails, messages over YouTube or Instagram, asking me for this. Asking me to give you the ability contribute to my work or just to say a simple thank you, without the need of any bits and bobs from the Bake with Jack shop.

If comething I have done has helped you on your quest for amazing bread at home, if you have got value out of what I do here on the Blog and in my Bread Tip Video of the week, well then that’s just lovely. Because that’s the reason I wanted to build this resource in the first place.

Your donations allow me to continue to put work into creating free content. There is so much more I’d like to do with this platform, and so much more I’d like to bring you, I have a ton of ideas of content I’d like to make and what to do next to make Bake with Jack bigger and better. I’m so excited about where the future is going with this and it’s all because of people like you.

If you feel you’d like to contribute to my work, please click the button below and donate whatever you can.




I look forward to each Thursday’s new edition since there is always more than one nugget of insight to help me with my baking. I found your most recent video absolutely delightful.
— Terrance, Donation, August 2019
I’ve been baking bread for 6 years—pretty good bread—but your videos have helped solve innumerable small problems to make my bread both look and taste like they could be sold at an Artisan bread stand at the farmers market. I’m so appreciative that I’ll have these skills for life. Thanks so much.
— Steven, Donation, July 2019
Love your enthusiasm, Your tips have helped my bread making improve no end.
— David, Donation, July 2019
Love you videos, I look forward to each week.
— Liz, Donation, July 2019
I use your no scrapings method and I think it’s genius. Also, after watching your sourdough video and following the stretch and fold method my bread has turned out soooooo much better - every single time I
— Ariane, Donation, July 2019
Thanks for bringing life to my sourdough, and a smile every time I see and hear a post.
— Ruth, Donation, July 2019
What you have laid out is immeasurably valuable. You are helping thousands of people like me who just, amongst many other things - wants to bake a nice loaf of bread; without a zillion additives and with ease. You helped me achieve my first proper sourdough!
— Phillippa
I’ve gained more confidence and learnt more from your videos this week then from anything else over the past 4 months. Not only are your videos informative and educational, but your delivery is engaging and honest, without pretention. Big thanks! I am so grateful!
— Darren
Hello Jack, I am 66 years old and have been making my own bread for a while now, but your videos cover the problem areas that I and I would expect most others experience! Thank you. You have inspired me to continue after having a few fails. You explain things so well. BRILLIANT! keep up the good work
— Keith
I honestly have learned more from watching your videos in the last 10 days than I have from reading dozens of books and applying what I learned from them for the last two years. I am a sourdough fanatic but have been disappointed many many times. No more!
— Peter
You came into my life when I really needed it. Finally I got that sourdough working which I’ve been struggling with for so long time. Your videos broke down the mystery in an easy and understandable way without any nonsense. Jack, thank you so much. My sourdough boule that came out of the oven after midnight last night was the end of a long time struggle and I solved it thanks to you.
— Magnus