This is the first brand new course of 2018 and what a great place to start. If you are a beginner this course will introduce you to a real variety of proper breads that sit MILES above their supermarket cousins, and if you are already a confident home baker you'll learn plenty of new techniques when adding these breads to your repertoire.

In your own kitchen, you'll learn to bake four deliciously wholesome, "real" breads. Then we will create a balanced meal to accompany everything at the end for you, a selection of salads and filling ideas.



In your private course we'll cover:

Polar Breads - perfect for light sandwiches and freeze really well

100% Wholemeal Spelt Loaf - A golden stonebaked loaf, bursting at the seams

Seeded Sandwich Loaf - For day to day toasting and sandwich making

A fresh herb flatbread - with a little fresh chilli kick and sesame seeds




Your bread making Day Includes:

All ingredients and equipment

4.5-5 hours baking a selection of delicious breads

A cookery demonstration with a little participation

A tasty meal to match what you've made

Recipes for you to recreate next time


From £349 plus a little for travel

Price is for a group of up to four people. Additional guests are very welcome at only £25 per person

Recommended for 2-8 people