Do I need to buy Ingredients?

No need to do any shopping, I will bring all the ingredients we need

Do I need any special equipment?

Absolutely not, that’s the beauty of it. We’ll bake in your own oven, and I’ll take care of everything else we’ll need. Bowls, trays and bread making bits and bobs

I am vegetarian/ dairy free/ allergic to…

is that ok?

Yes of course. We can tweak recipes to your dietary requirements if we need to, and I’ll give you a call to chat about this later down the line. The only dietary requirement I can’t cater for is a wheat/gluten allergy

No way! I’ll tidy everything before I go. Putting everything back in place and making your kitchen spick and span again

Will my kitchen be a mess after?

What are the minimum numbers, and what works the best?

Of course I can host for one, but I recommend sharing your experience with friends and family. Couples work well too, and I’d recommend 2-6 people for a hands-on, learn at home experience, 4-8 people for a party, and for higher numbers a demonstration works really well

As far as you like I charge for travel! Seriously though, travel cost is never normally very much. I live in Surrey and I’ve been up to north London and down to Chichester. As soon as I know your address I'll let you know what the cost will be

How far do you travel?

What about space, do I need a MASSIVE kitchen?

Not really, have a think about how many people you are inviting, and if you have an area where we can all gather, sitting, standing or both. There is no need for me to visit to scope out the kitchen, we can use the kitchen side, or dining table, or an island works well too. I have never had a problem with space in the past

something else you need to know?

No problem, just drop me a line and I'll be in touch