My past attempts have always been a bit hit and miss, but I am pleased to say... with your help “By Jove I think I’ve got it!”
— Gaynor

Thank you so much for popping by...


I'd love it if you took your first steps into making amazing homemade bread with me, from now until June 17th 2017 here's a special offer for you...


Book an Introduction to Homemade Bread at homE

and get

a FREE bundle of essential bread making equipment worth over £50


To help you keep it up your bread making after I'm gone I have put together everything you'll need to continue baking great bread, and I'll include this bundle for you for free.


Your free bundle includes


Lightweight plastic mixing bowl

Bake with Jack dough scraper


Bake with Jack proving cloth

Grignette for slashing your dough

Non-stick farmhouse loaf tin


Room and water thermometers

Bake with Jack natural cotton apron

you'll have a skill for life...


...the ability to consistently bake amazing bread at home, for yourself, for family, for friends. You'll be able to confidently recreate everything we bake in the Introduction course, including white and brown loaves for your toast and sandwiches, a fruit and nut bloomer loaf, and seeded rolls, plaits, and knots too. You'll learn all about why we knead dough, the best place to prove, how to create the perfect shape and so much more...



Learn at home...

I'll come to you in

Surrey / Kent / Berkshire / Hampshire / South London / West Sussex

We'll bake everything in your own oven. We'll even make a delicious and wholesome lunch to go with it.


SO how about it?

I'd love to be part of your discovery of amazing home baked bread. Send your enquiry by Midnight on June 17th to qualify for this special offer.

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Frequently asked questions

Course duration: 4.5 hours plus eating time

Before discount: £295 for two people, plus a little for travel

Additional guests: £35 per person

Recommended group size: 2-6 people

Jack had clearly spent a lot of time working out how to make the best baking experience you could, and it worked!
— Kirsty