The ultimate learning experience

Jack comes to your home, with all the ingredients you need, and guides you to bake the sort of bread you would admire in a continental bakery, and all using your own humble oven! The delicious meal to eat with your amazing bread is unbeatable. We absolutely loved it”
— Ben & Jon


Really get to grips with the dough in your own kitchen


The following bread making courses are fully hands-on. You'll get the full experience of making three to four breads, start to finish, and we'll use your own oven to its full potential for the best results

Together, while the dough is resting, we'll build a meal around the bread with some of my favourite accompaniments. So you'll pick up up some handy chef tips, and knife skills too. We’ll take everything at a nice pace, and the course will last around 5 hours depending on how you get on. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask me your questions, and after that, sit, relax and enjoy the food


Duration: 5 hours plus eating time

Courses start at £295 for two people, plus a little for travel

Additional guests are welcome at only £35 per person

Recommended for 1-6 people

Choose the course that suits you


An Introduction

Best for beginners or those with a little experience

Get a firm grounding in the basics. We'll create tinned loaves, freestanding loaves, rolls, plaits, a pita breads

Get confident, learning the importance of each stage of the breadmaking process. After this course you'll be able to make bread with great success time after time.

Served with a Great British cheeseboard, homemade chutney and salads

Beer Bread

For the beer lover keen to expand their repertoire and experiment

Beer brings a new depth of flavour and complexity to our bread

We'll make two different beer doughs for crusty chorizo bread, and sesame and sea salt beer pretzels. We'll also make a robust version of soda bread with stout and oats.

This is another course designed to explore the possibilities when making your bread at home, extraordinary bread that naturally will lend itself to being enjoyed with a good beer

Your beer bread will be met with some pretzel dips, spicy slaw, peppered pastrami, salsa and salads



Mediterranean Bread

For the ambitious beginner, or introduction graduate

Classic mediterranean flavours, simplicity & passion. You'll make four of my favourite breads

My Mediterranean course is great to start building your knowledge. We'll enhance your basic dough with olive oil to make a focaccia, try more specialist flours, like rye, and use a "biga" to make a traditional ciabatta

We’ll match your breads with a selection of fresh and tasty dishes. Incorporating olives, rosemary, garlic, tomatoes fresh salads and a selection of cured meats and Salamis

Artisan Bread

For experienced home bakers

A great opportunity to get really technical. This course is the home of the classic baguette, where we'll delve deeper into the more advanced techniques of the artisan baker

Learn how to recreate that "stone-baked" effect in your own oven, achieving that perfect crust. You'll prove the dough using banneton baskets and a couche cloth, and with a grignette you'll create decorative cuts on the top of your bread. We'll explore high hydration dough, and the use of a preferment for amazing flavour and texture to the bread, as well as spelt flour, which requires handling in a completely different way

Your artisan breads will be complemented by a classic baked cheese, cured meats, dip, and wholesome salads

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If you have even a passing interest in baking you really shouldn’t miss this...

Ben and I absolutely loved it, and were so inspired afterwards that we baked a load more bread the next weekend, which turned out lovely too. We had such a nice time, thank you!”
— Jon
We had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make beautiful breads - which were delicious. Jack was very good company and a patient teacher. I have already followed up making two of the recipes at home and am thrilled with my results. I would certainly recommend Jack’s baking courses to anyone”
— Debbie
We all thoroughly enjoyed our baking session with you - it was fun, informative, and we together produced some delicious breads - a great selection to accompany an interesting and tasty lunch! We strongly recommend your home baking sessions to anyone, thank you!”
— Patricia