Bread Tip

Bread Tip 116 - Sourdough: What is OVER FERMENTATION and when might it happen to YOU?

Over fermentation is the disaster of all disasters! The stickiness of all stickinesses! BE AFRAID! ...actually don't be afraid, this week I'll show you exactly what over fermentation looks like, tell you when you might be in danger of it happening AND let you know what you can do to avoid it :-)

Bread Tip 115 - How I feed my Sourdough Starter, and when is it ready to use?

You all MUST know by now that when I make bread at home it has to be three things. Puffy, a good shape, and above all Practical. That's why my starter feeding "regime" is just this, and that's why I don't pay much attention to "when" to use my starter, I use it when I am ready. I know my approach isn't for everybody, but it works for me and I hope this video will explain exactly why.

Bread Tip 114 - 7 Sourdough Myths BUSTED!

There are PLENTY of things that might put you off of making your first sourdough loaf, and even more that might put you off practicing the craft, and making it part of your life! The truth is that some of the things that are a pain in the bum, some of them that cause stress and anxiety around making your sourdough simply aren't true. Lets remove a few... :-) This is the first video in a four part Sourdough series for the Real Bread Campaign’s Sourdough September, hope you like it ;-)

Bread Tip 113 - Back to Basics with Yeasted Bread Part 3 - The Process

Back for the FINAL PART... of the yeasted bread back to basics trilogy! The six basic steps of a straight yeasted bread dough. There is SO MUCH you could add to this process and that's exactly why I have made a video every week for the last two and a half years ;-) I hope this video helps you to make sense of the videos of the past, I hope this three part series brings them all together nicely, and means you can revisit those that perhaps you didn't quite get at the time, and learn even more from them now, with a greater understading of the Ingredients, Principles and Process.

Bread Tip 112 - Back to Basics with Yeasted Bread Pt.2 - Principles

With great principles comes great power, and with great power comes the best loaf you've ever made, time and time again. That's exactly why here on the BWJ channel we deal in all important principles. This is part two of a three part Back to Basics with Yeasted Bread series, and what I base every single one of my recipes and techniques on. Hope you like it ;-)