Thursday June 28th: Sourdough Demonstration


Thursday June 28th: Sourdough Demonstration

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Your sourdough is unique to you. Every loaf is a story of your life, your past 24 hours, 48 hours, week, or however long your starter has been alive for!
Sourdough is what all breads used to be before baker’s yeast was invented. It’s the natural fermentation of flour and water that makes the bread rise. Working with the wild yeasts that live in the world all around us, we play our part to craft our bread. We pay attention and look after the dough, and the rest just happens naturally. That’s the beauty of sourdough.
In this demonstration you’ll be in an intimate group of 12 people, with plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered


In this two-hour demonstration you’ll learn:

Why how you think about your sourdough is far more important than a recipe

How to make your own sourdough starter from scratch, and my low maintenance method of looking after it

How to fit sourdough bread making into your schedule

The difference between baking bread straight from the starter or making a levain first, and which method will work better for you.

Hot stone baking techniques

Your ticket includes

A two-hour relaxed bread making demonstration hosted by me

Tea & Coffee

A pot of my sourdough starter for you to take home and recipes to get you started

A glass of wine, fresh bread tasting with cured meats and cheese

The Mayford Centre, Woking


Timings are a guideline as the rising time of our dough may vary depending on the weather.

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