Wednesday October 17th: Enriched Bread


Wednesday October 17th: Enriched Bread

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The ever so slightly refined process of creating an enriched dough is suitable for those with previous bread making experience.

In this enriched dough workshop, you'll discover for yourself the incredible lightness, and silky softness that comes from adding milk, butter, sugar and eggs.

Traditionally, tea time accompaniments of this nature are a luxurious treat and require a slightly more delicate hand to create. You'll be involved in making a variety of rich doughs starting on one end of the scale, adding only milk and butter, and ending up at the king of all enriched breads; the brioche!


In this workshop we'll cover:

The addition of eggs, milk, and butter and the difference they make to the bread

Hazelnut and chocolate babka

Apple doughnuts

Super light brioche rolls

Fruit buns


Your ticket includes

A four-hour relaxed bread making workshop with teas, coffees and homemade biscuits

All your breads and recipes to take home

A proper supper with glass of wine and fresh bread


The Mayford Centre, Woking


Timings are a guideline as the rising time of our dough may vary depending on the weather.

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