Jack Sturgess


Bake with Jack was born from bread...

I absolutely love it. Something quite magical happens when a pile of flour and some water becomes delicious, warm, light bread. As long as it does become delicious, warm and light bread…


When I began teaching bread making in 2012, I realised that there are so many questions waiting to be answered

How do I knead it properly? How long do I knead it for? How do I know when it’s done? When shall I bake it? Why does it come out like a brick?

It was just then that I realised actually, for the beginner, there are so many aspects to the bread making process that can be quite confusing and often overwhelming

The truth is, it's probably easier than you think, and the most important thing you need is an understanding. An understanding of what the flour does, what the yeast is there for, and why it does what it does! Once you have the knowledge of these things, everything else falls into place

In the early days, I spoke about bread making to so many people I met, and so often I'd hear the same thing. Many people would say “oh yeah, I tried making bread a couple of times, five years ago, and it always came out too heavy so I gave up!” Heart break. I heard it over and over again, and I still do!


In 2013 I started Bake with Jack for three reasons:



Because modern bread in the UK is awful (my personal opinion). It is laced with processing aids and artificial additives. In my opinion the structure and texture of it alone is enough to give us a dodgy tum (rant over!)


Because bread making shouldn't be a confusing, scary process. Let’s keep it simple because you can do it


Homemade bread is delicious, and all the more delicious because the flavour is elevated by the pride you feel for having made it yourself! With your hands and your heart

In 2013 Bake with Jack was a private bread making course in your own home, with me. De-mystifying the bread making process in your own home, baking amazing breads in your own oven, and serving them with a super tasty meal

Today, I still host private courses which are perfect to really learn, have a party, or a family get together. But Bake with Jack is so much more. You can join me in a workshop in Woking, Surrey,  entertain friends in an evening bread making demonstration at home, or bake bread with kids in my family bread making courses too. I have even developed my own range of Bake with Jack Bread Making kits so you can bake at home with me, without me actually being there

Online, I'm building a database of video bread tips, prompted by your questions, which go out in the Home Bakers Bulletin every single Thursday. Recipes are here on the blog, and there’ll be so much more to come. You can join in online chats with the Bake with Jack community across social media too, and here’s the big secret…

I'm not a baker, I'm a chef

I've never worked in a bakery, or used a commercial bakers oven, or a proving cupboard

Let’s not overcomplicate things, you really don’t need any special equipment to bake great bread at home. You do need a little curiosity, a willingness to have fun and experiment, and a little understanding. And that's exactly what I'm here to help you with

I fell in love with bread! I've been making bread a success in all different environments in my work, since becoming a chef in 2001. And, I've made bread a success in household kitchens all over the south of England since 2013. Whether we're using an electric fan oven, traditional gas, or an AGA, our bread is always a success, as it should be

Let’s bake amazing bread together, with a good understanding, patience and love. For ourselves, for friends, for family, for the neighbour!

You'll learn a skill for life

And then? Let me show you how to create some delicious dishes to go with it ;-)