Your words mean so much to me.

If we've baked bread together recently, or you've enjoyed one of my videos, demonstrations, articles or recipes and you'd like to let me know, you can drop me an email at

Thank you all so much for your kind words, and for being part of Bake with Jack with me.

Jack ;-)

Lorraine's Testimonial

Jan's Testimonial

Garry's Testimonial

Great fun at the Mediterranean bread course. Went home with all I need to do it again for friends and family. Really good mix of bread makers from all over the globe so interesting conversations about food as we baked.
Thanks Jack for the way you give everyone confidence that this is something they can do and show us how
— Brenda, Mediterranean Workshop, November 2018
Thank You for teaching me (a complete novice) how to make bread! Within a couple of days I had a go at both your bagel recipe and the stone baked spelt loaf and both came out really well. My only experience of bread was one attempt about 8 years ago which seemed to take all day long and the results were pretty disastrous so it put me off trying to make bread again ....until now.

You made bread-making so accessible and fun that it really made me want to attempt what you had created.
— Elixabeth, November 2018
After watching several of your videos on baking bread I tried your whole wheat loaf. Followed the directions exactly and the bread baked perfectly and tastes great. I have been baking on and off for about a year now and this was the best bread that I have made. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.
— Stan, November 2018
Thanks again for being such a wonderful and entertaining teacher. I will be utilizing the skill I learned for years to come.
— Brent, October 2018, Sourdough Workshop
We just want to say that we had a fantastic time on Sunday and really loved the sourdough course - very entertaining and informative and you have certainly demystified sourdough for me. On Sunday night we had some of the rolls with cheese and they were lovely. We cut and froze the loaves and I had some toast from one today which was delicious. Thanks again and see you soon I hope
— Tim & Sharon, October 2018, Sourdough Workshop
I have been making bread for over 40 years and you have still taught me new things. My passion hss been to learn sourdough. Yours is my third sourdough site and the best yet. I have been using my sourdough to raise everything! I finally feel like I understand sourdough and am loving it.
— Candy, October 2018
This incredible Surrey-based enthusiastic entrepreneur baker and former chef is bringing the joy of great breadmaking to hundreds of people at his cookery school workshops in Surrey, people in their own homes and many, many more through his great online demonstrations and weekly top tips with short, clear videos followed by people worldwide. His approach is simple, down to earth and focused on helping people make superb, healthy bread for their families and friends using the simplest of ingredients and the minimum of fuss. I have never known such an expert in his craft be so open and willing to share his knowledge not only with local residents but the whole world. A really great addition to the flourishing Surrey food scene and a great ambassador for the county
— Delphine, August 2018
It feels a bit patronising to be saying thank you so many times, but, the whole experience - from finding your online presence to the ultimate of being able to spend the day in your company - well, it’s transformative!

It has turned me into a more confident version of myself who is at least prepared to have a go. And that, my friend, is down to you. It’s all about your inspirational style and your relaxed demeanour which encourages we novices to believe that it’s only as dificult as you care to make it.

I re-ran a lot of the parts of the day through my mind as I drove back home and it made me keep shaking my head in the realisation that I had gone through the day without feeling the least bit intimidated, either by your presentation or by the apparently more advanced status of my fellow students. It just felt great, perfectly relaxed and educational. The breads are fantastic and make me excited to get stuck in at home.
— Roy, July 2018, Sourdough Workshop
I thoroughly enjoyed the class last Sunday as sourdough seemed to defeat me every time I tried it. I felt the class numbers were the right size and we were a very interactive group, all sharing our experiences. As a tutor and coach, you kept us all on track and the pace was just right and it was great that we could produce four different types of bread in the day.

My confidence has grown, in terms of sourdough bread making, and I look forward to my own attempts at home. I learnt a lot, as well as several tips and hints, which will assist with my bread making in general. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more tips, recipes, YouTube videos and workshops in the future
— Andy, July 2018, Sourdough Workshop
I always enjoy the chilled atmosphere and approach at your sessions. The flexible and interactive style works really well for me.

Will definitely be looking to come back again.

Can I also just add that the first course I attended really inspired me to bake bread again and as a result an occasional hobby has turned into a real passion.
— Rob, July 2018, Sourdough Workshop
Jack puts incredible effort, detail and energy in these demonstrations. This is where you can discuss your bread making with like minded bakers and share your stories with Jack as an excellent moderator. The demo is not aimed at teaching everything about sour dough, instead it seeks to simplify the process for those who have given it a go previously and been put off by complex recipes. It looks to rekindle the interest in sour dough, especially for those who have been disappointed in the past. And along with a tummy full of delicious bread, you take home enthusiasm to carry on a delicious food adventure...
— Riddhika, June 2018 Sourdough Demonstration
Really enjoyed the Sourdough starter course, having tasted shop bought sourdough bread which I liked I did think it would be great to learn how to make it and I came across Jack’s courses quite by accident.

Nice relaxed evening and really good to see the starter being made and then to see a loaf made from the starter and a good taste test of various breads.

— James, June 2018, Sourdough Demonstration
Thank you for a lovely evening spent at your Sourdough Demonstration. As ever you were informative, instructive and entertaining. I would never have dreamed of tackling sourdough myself as it always seems a complicated and difficult thing to master. Now that I have seen how your simplified method works and tasted the delicious results I really believe I can have a go with the starter and recipes you provide and produce something amazing myself. The platter of beautifully presented, tasty accompaniments to the bread was an added bonus.
— Lorraine, June 2018, Sourdough Demonstration
Thanks so much for doing what you do. Your weekly videos have turned me from a failing beginner into someone that can almost guarantee a positive result every time.
— Dave, June 2018, YouTube
Really enjoyed the course, very inspiring & loved the bread we made - my kids devoured it all as soon as I got home!
— James, April 2018, Workshop
I just wanted to say thank you. We all had a wonderful time yesterday and learnt so much! It also was a great family activity (as was eating the results – particularly the cinnamon buns😊). I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone – as an activity for friends or family. Even my 15 year old son enjoyed!
— Kate, May 2018, Private Family Course
Thank you so much for an awesome evening. Learnt a LOT! My little family enjoyed the bread too. That flat bread as part of our picnic on Saturday was the bomb! Anyway, keep it up. Will definitely be back soon.
— Alex, April 2018, Workshop
This turned out to be the perfect birthday present for my mother-in-law. She is passionate about two and family...and what a great way to combine both in this amazing experience. Jack is fantastic at what he does, it was all made really easy from the very start, from choosing the breads to bake to getting ready for the day. We had nothing to do or worry about, Jack took care of absolutely everything! He is extremely patient and made sure everyone was involved from grandad down to the grandkids, but most of all he made sure we all had fun! This is one experience we will all never forget....thanks so much Jack!
— Reena, April 2018, Private Family Course
I had recently attempted bread making from books after getting increasingly fed up of the mass produced rubbish available, some more successful than others. I had lots of unanswered things in my mind regarding the ‘whys and wherefores’ so to speak.

Jack’s course answered these for me. We made a number of different breads and had a delicious meal too. Jack is very personable and has a great teaching style and makes the class fun, thoroughly enjoyable.
I would have no hesitation in recommending his classes and will hopefully attend another in time.
— Peter, March 2018, Workshop
My first bread making experience.. and I was delighted to have been able to produce an assortment of breads with just one class. Jack’s enthusiasm for bread was infectious and the class was great fun. Thank you.
— Marion, March 2018, Workshop
Many thanks for a really informative and most enjoyable evening , learning about making and understanding how to make super tasting bread. Not forgetting the great supper!
— Carol, March 2018, Workshop
Jack spent two days with myself and my colleagues. We are all experienced chefs and home economists and make bread on a regular basis, but wanted to perfect our technique and expand our repertoire. Jack was so organised and brought everything we would need-including a delicious lunch! His teaching style was relaxed and informal yet so informative. Jack answered all of our questions and explained the science behind baking comprehensively.
Most importantly, the bread was delicious. The biggest compliment to Jack is that every one of us has been baking bread at home, and work, every day since the course!
Thank you!
— Kirsty, March 2018, Two Day Bespoke Masterclass at Miele HQ
This is the third time I have done a day with Bake with Jack. Had fab time every time. He is really good fun, the bread and food are delicious and my friends all commented on what a great day they had. I highly recommend a day with Jack
— Kathy, February 2018, Private Course
I happened upon one of your tips yesterday, and my bread is literally transformed. I’m beside myself with joy, and so filled with gratitude! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jack!!!
— Doreen, January 2018, YouYube
We had  our company christmas event with Jack and, at first I was a bit sceptical, as in the bread and wine stakes, I tend to favour the liquid.. However within a few minutes my cynicism quickly evaporated. Jack put us quickly at ease with his energy and enthusiasm. He makes baking bread easy and fun - just like his nature - and I would definitely recommend him for a team event. I came away enthusing about bread - as well as very full!!!
— Lucilla, December 2017, Corporate Bread Making Day
I just received my first email and listened to your end-of-year tape. You totally need your own television show.
Here’s why it would be a success. You demystephy the chemistry of yeast/flour/water. You have a positive, comforting energy when you say let’s get to the bottom of whatever the problem might be. You are adorable, articulate, and approachable with personality that won’t quit. There’s certainly nobody better on TV in America.
— Prudence, December 2017, The Home Bakers Bulletin
Just discovered your YouTube channel. Love the videos—super informative! Answered a lot of questions I’ve had about bread baking. Thanks!
— Melissa, December 2017, YouTube
Just had to say thank you again for a most enjoyable and informative evening. My lot have polished off the doughnuts on the premise that they would not be nearly so nice in the morning. They are so scrummy! The smell of the babka is just amazing - can’t wait to have some tomorrow. You have given me the confidence to have a go at making some of these recipes myself and showed me I don’t have to be afraid of these more complex seeming techniques. I really loved getting hands on and they were a great bunch to be on a course with. Thank you so, so much
— Lorraine, November 2017, Workshop
Great fun, really friendly, learnt lots!
— Holly, November 2017, Workshop
Thanks, Jack, for making Tom’s 30th birthday treat go with a swing. Debbie and I really enjoyed the bread making experience too, especially eating all the delicious food which you left for us at the end. Plus you did all the washing up! As credit to your teaching,Tom and Debbie now make their own bread every weekend (olive rolls last week,delicious!) and I recently rustled up some soda bread which was much lighter and sweeter than my usual efforts. the whole experience was informative and fun and I’d really recommend it.
— Christine, November 2017, Private Course
Saw you today at the Food Festival at West Horsley Food Festival you inspired me again. 25 years ago when I was at school in home economics I used to love baking bread and I used to bake it with my mum using the same technique you did in your demo today. Then life got in the way, and baking went away. Today you have inspired me, at the age of 41 I’m gonna get baking again. I’m keen to start baking bread at home again like I used to with my mother 25 years ago. Cheers a good fun inspiring demo today.
— Graham, October 2017, West Horsley Place Food Festival
No better way to spend a cold darkening evening, than here! Food is great, location very good, and Jack is a gem! Very charming and also very knowledgeable!
— Omayma, October 2017, Workshop
Had a fantastic evening of learning about bread with giggles along the way. Jack really knows his stuff. The supper was absolutely delicious and I’m definitely going on another course in the New Year. Thank you so much Jack, you are ace!!
— Jo, October 2017, Workshop’s the thing. What do you do for your birthday which is going to be great fun and massively informative, and something your friends and family will enjoy too? Ask Jack to come to your home and watch in awe as he works his magic in the kitchen. Plus you eat the most delicious goodies at the same time!!! A win win situation. You deserve more than 5 stars Jack! Thank you!
— Kim, October 2017, Private Demonstration
I stumbled upon one of your videos and I started binge-watching them. Why I like yours so much, is that you are an experienced baker with real training, speaking to “normal” people in terms we can understand. You have something unique and I enjoy them very much.
— Steve, August 2017, YouTube
Had an epic day on Saturday making Bread from the Med with Jack and the man... Jack is a great teacher, very organised, full of information, witty and slightly bonkers (talks to the bread while it’s in the oven!)! Left us with a delicious feast and oodles of bread... we learnt tons and were very happy indeed! Will definitely be making a second booking
— Melanie, August 2017, Private Course
We all thoroughly enjoyed our day baking with you. The food you prepared was fantastic - we all loved it! There were no leftovers! You have such a great talent and a real passion for what you do. I found it very inspiring hearing how you had followed your dreams and wish you the very best of luck with your future plans.
— Caroline, July 2017, Private Course
Wow, why did i not do this before now? bread made simple and fab! Had a great day, a pressie from my husband for my birthday, what a great way to spend it. Well done Jack thank you for a great day
— Susan, July 2017, Private Course
I came along to your bake demonstration on Saturday and wanted to say how fab it was!!! You really brightened up our rainy day! 
— Natasha, July 2017, Eat Food Festival Demonstration
I had the best ever time at the bread making class. So inspiring, so much fun and rounded off with a delicious supper. I now know how to make bread and where I was going wrong. I will definitely come to more classes.
— Jo, June 2017, Workshop

I just wanted to say a quick but “huge” thank you from the Jones family for a fantastic bread making session this morning.  We all had a great time and learned so much.  We can’t believe how many different types of bread could be made in the time - not to mention the delicious salads and chutney you made in between patiently nursing us through each bread making process. You left us with some great memories and an amazing feast.  Looking forward to a reason to book the next session. Thank you so much once again.
— Susan, Emma, Carl, June 2017, Private Course

Great session last Sunday . Just what a novice bread maker like me needed. The loaves and rolls went down really well with the family so will need to get down to some more soon. You could not have made it simpler or more enjoyable.
— Len, May 2017, Workshop
Just wanted to say “thanks” for the great advice regarding using the fan oven; bread came out much lighter and softer today!
— Susie, May 2017, The Home Bakers Bulletin
“Thanks Jack for a fabulous day on Sunday making bread. Fantastic and will recommend to everyone!
I ate nearly all the bread in two days it was so delicious. Please could you email me the recipes for the four FABULOUS salads that you prepared for our lunch... again fantastic flavours. Thank you again for a great day.”
— Trish, May 2017, Workshop
Thanks Jack for a wonderful day teaching us how to make bread! We learnt so much and the kids were thoroughly entertained with all the messy bits. We’ll be back in touch for another course soon!
— Sarah, April 2017, Private Course, Family Package
I just had to drop you an email to say a huge huge thank you you for such a brilliant night. We all had such a wonderful evening and loved watching the demo. You made it so much fun and made it look so easy. You are a complete star.
— Caroline, April 2017, Private Demonstration
Thank you for a truly fantastic evening last night. It was such a pleasure to learn from you and see your obvious passion about what you do.
— Sarah. April 2017, Workshop
Finally I have time to sit down and thank you properly for such a lovely demonstration evening on Thursday. I had a really great time and felt I learnt a huge amount to help me bake some more successful and interesting breads! And all in such a relaxed and fun atmosphere, thank you so very much for all the top tips and of course the Bake with Jack scrapers! Thank you very much again for a brilliant night,
Hope to do another course again soon.
— Melissa, April 2017, Private Demonstration
An excellent course, and I’ll certainly recommend you!
— Gordon, April 2017, Workshop
Just want to say that your video this week was great as I have experienced the same in life. For example, in the world of bread, I struggled with sourdough bread and had a few failed attempts. Then thanks to your advice about getting tension across the loaf, success. And not only with the sourdough but all the loaves I have made since. As you say, simple tips and tricks, light bulb moments and they all lead to success - whooopeee. I have many other experiences both with work and with life in general.
— Andy, April 2017, The Home Bakers Bulletin
Watching your videos is so much better than watching television. The way you explain things, the enthusiasm, the professional approach is very catching. You make people want to bake bread. Well done!
— Cathy, March 2017, YouTube
If I could go every month to a baking course with Jack, I would but a bit difficult from Somerset! Sweet bread class the other week was such fun and my family loved the sweet treats that made it back to my home. I will definitely by trying apple doughnuts again, thanks Jack!
— Karen, March 2017, Workshop
What a great day baking with Jack, This was my 2nd time baking with Jack, the 1st class I went to was basic bread making which had inspaired me to take a 2nd class and this was the Sweet bread class. There were five other students in the class and we had so much fun making all differant sweet breads such as a Babka, apple doughnuts and hot cross buns, just to name a few. What a great leaning environment and the way that Jack put’s things across it easy to remember. I have made lots of breads now and my family are reaping the benefits. If you don’t know how to bake bread, then Jacks the man who can help.
— Garry, March 2017, Workshop
Thank you very much Jack for an excellent baking day. We all enjoyed ourselves, learnt a lot & will be back soon! Thanks for sending all the extra recipes & notes - much appreciated.
— Jane, February 2017, Workshop
Thanks for yesterday. I really enjoyed it and learned loads. I am inspired to get back to bread making after a bit of a sabbatical!
— Rob, February 2017, Workshop
Many thanks for the superb day the other Sunday, for the tasty end result and wonderful lunch. And thanks for sending the recipes. Alison and the family are licking their lips after I waxed lyrically about the day, so now I can try to do you justice
— Simon, February 2017, Workshop

Jack, we are in awe at what we manage to create with you, as well as the fabulous lunch. The chocolate swirls have all gone - that’s truly appalling - and much talk from Jim about making more at half term. You are brilliant at what you do - you have such a light touch and, as I say, we are amazed at what you are able to help us make. Will definitely be trying your recipes at home. Good luck this year and we are bound to be in touch again before long. 
— Sarah, February 2017, Private Course, Family Package

I had  so much fun on the course and picked up loads of tips.
— Hillary, January 2017, Workshop
Thanks, Jack, For the utterly Brilliant course today.
— Juliet, January 2017, Workshop
there is a man roaming the Surrey countryside on a mission to help you achieve your baking dreams. Jack Sturgess aka Bake with Jack arrives at your house with wooden crates loaded with everything you could possibly need to make bread. I feel confident, learning new skills and having a great time. When my fougasse comes out the oven I am ecstatic. I can’t believe I have made bread that looks and tastes like proper artisanal bread
— Maxine, November 2016, Time and Leisure Magazine
I have made two batches of bread using your recipe and techniques and they have both turned out beautifully. We saw your demonstration at the Surrey County Show last weekend and you inspired me to have another go at bread making. My past attempts have always been a bit hit and miss but I’m pleased to say...with your help “by Jove I think I’ve got it!” Many thanks.
— Gaynor, October 2016, Surrey County Show
I was given the course for my 21st birthday present by my godmother. I love eating fresh bread so was really excited before the course. My brother and mum joined in and we invited friends over after to enjoy the bread and food we cooked with Jack. The bread making was a great experience and Jack is a very enthusiastic, patient and highly knowledgable teacher. We loved all the different breads we made as did my friends who came round. They have both said they’re keen to do the same course! Would recommend this experience highly.
— William, September 2016, Private Course
Jack has such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach to his work which has made him stand out from the rest. He is building up a keen following through his baking lessons and his business is growing at a fast pace
— Laura, September 2016, Fantastic British Food Festivals
The baking experience worked wonderfully at the stag weekend I organised. It gave us all the chance to do something together creatively and interactively. Jack is an energetic and enthusiastic fountain of knowledge on all things related to baking and was able to give us all sorts of interesting info and advice. This would work well for complete beginners or those already with some considerable experience in baking bread as Jack is able to tailor it to any requirements. It is refreshingly different to many other ‘normal’ party activities and is really highly recommended for anyone planning a stag/hen or birthday party. Jack also leaves you with a delicious meal at the end which is a great bonus!
— Jonathan, August 2016, Private Course, Stag Party
The bread was delicious - so I profited nicely from that birthday present. I know Rob had a brilliant time and he’s all inspired now. (Again, good for me!)
— Joanna, August 2016, Workshop
You would be crazy not to take one of ‘Bake with Jack’s bread making courses.  It was such a fun afternoon.  Extremely informative, with great stories and loads of break-making tips.  It was a perfect stag do activity and Jack made a delicious dinner for us all to share afterwards.  I certainly know what I’m doing for my stag-do! Jack the Baker’s bread making courses are fun, informative and interactive! The breads were delicious and Jack is a passionate, skilled and personable teacher. A perfect course and a brilliant stag do activity!
— Thomas, August 2016, Private Course, Stag Party

Hen Do.jpg
Baking with Jack is a great activity for a Hen party... and engaging but not too serious. Jack is amazing at involving people without any pressure or need to perform. Besides here is lots of opportunity to have a glass of bubbles and natter as well. The added bonus being that at the end of the session you end up with masses of yummy food enough for the whole group for a lunch or light dinner. Fun, friends and food is a great combination!
— Kirsty, August 2016, Private Course, Hen Party

We all thoroughly enjoyed our day baking with you. The food you prepared was fantastic - we all loved it! There were no leftovers! You have such a great talent and a real passion for what you do. I found it very inspiring...
— Caroline, June 2016
What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon!  Katie and I enjoyed every minute of our course at home, from the simple tips on water vs room temperature to making our own butter, the time flew by and we were both amazed, entertained and educated in equal measure. I would recommend your services to other novice bakers unreservedly.  Many Thanks.
— Louis, March 2016, Private Course
I made baguettes and fougasse for my family this weekend.  They came out perfectly, it made us very happy.  Perfect crust and tear.
— Chris, March 2016, Private Course
A great fun and informative night. My work colleagues enjoying the fruits of our labour today! Thanks Jack.
— Mary, February 2016, Workshop
Great fun and informative. As the kids get older - now 19 and 21 - it is harder to find things the four of us can enjoy as a family.  But our afternoon with Jack was perfect.  We had a laugh,  we learned something together and had a nice supper too. We all loved it and sat up eating our food well into the night!
— Sal, January 2016, Private Course
A great evening, lovely food and company, and I really discovered a lot about making bread too. Family are enjoying eating the bread that I made yesterday and I hope to do another course soon!
— Jane, January 2016, Workshop
Thank you so much for the Baking Lesson you gave Fiona and me.  It was a great way to spend a morning and we both learnt a huge amount about making bread. We are now modifying some recipes to bring in your ideas and the results are so much better. We are now making Spelt loaves for ourselves and our family and unlike before it is now light and airy. Many thanks again for you fantastic tuition you were a delight to have in our house.
— Jim & Fiona, January 2016, Private Course
Informative and fun. Bread making can be a process that often comes with a sense of mystery, but Jack makes it simple and gives the basic skills to do it. These need practice, but in an evening I am more confident that my home loafs will be much more consistent and successful now than earlier attempts! The course did exactly what I was expecting, more so in the sense that it has removed some of the ‘fear’ of making bread.
— Ian, January 2016, Workshop
A fun but suitably targeted evening of bread-making. I am a complete novice and Jack gave me a good grounding in the basics. He also produced a cracking supper!
— Geoff, January 2016, Workshop
Thought the Italian Bread making evening was inspired, it has certainly has inspired me to start bread making more and an evening supper was a great way to finish the experience.
— Cheryl, January 2016, Workshop
Enjoyable hands on baking with plenty of practical tips that inspire you to get baking.
— Martin, Novemer 2015, Workshop
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. The bread making was great and the supper was fab
— Sue, November 2015, Workshop
Thoroughly enjoyable and confidence building experience not only for the bread baking but for other cooking skills which Jack happily and skilfully shared along the way. The skills and knowledge acquired through your excellent teaching have given me the confidence to experiment
— Sally, November 2015, Private Course
Very interesting & lots of fun. You have plenty of expertise, a great style, lots of enthusiasm - time flew. A good balance between work for us and chat :)
— Martha, November 2015, Private Course
Many thanks for such an enjoyable evening ! I really feel that I have learnt how to make good bread. You are a good tutor and made the evening relaxed and entertaining plus the group were all so very friendly....everyone was included and I felt that I had known them all for years!
— Liz, November 2015, Workshop
The best fun I’ve had making a mess and producing something edible in the process. Not only learnt so much about making bread and realised how many things I’ve been doing wrong, but learnt how to make a fabulous tomato sauce! The whole idea is brilliant, using the rising time to produce a simple dish for us all to eat, chatting, mostly about bread, and meeting a lovely group of people. It was my treat to myself and if my family don’t take the hint I’ll be booking another one for myself!
— Karen, November 2015, Workshop
We booked a private session of Bake with Jack for four of us as a birthday treat. We had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make Rustic Breads - which were delicious. Jack was very good company and a patient teacher. I have already followed up making two of the recipes at home and am thrilled with my results. I would certainly recommend Jack’s baking courses to anyone!
— Debbie, November 2015, Private Course
We had a brilliant girls’ afternoon baking with Jack. Recommend highly. He was great fun and it was great having him come to us. We loved every part of it, the recipes were great too and our other halves were very impressed by our new found skills.
— Charlotte, November 2015, Private Course
I had an absolutely wonderful evening. I was particularly impressed with the way that you simplified so many aspects of the process.  The group size was perfect and the atmosphere was immediately relaxing and encouraged confidence. A brilliant evening, great value and something that I would do again
— Simon, October 2015, Workshop
Thank you very much for a fun evening in such an impressive location. My family and I have spent the last few days enjoying all of the delicious bread, my particular favourite was the walnut and raisin loaf. It was really helpful to watch demonstrations that broke everything down into manageable steps and to have the opportunity to practice all of the techniques. I now plan to make bread each weekend!
— Gabi, October 2015, Workshop
I would just like to thank you Jack for a very entertaining and informative evening. Your laid back and easy style are the ideal combination for teaching baking skills. I will deffo be doing another class. Fantastic meal too.
— Barry, October 2015, Workshop
I just wanted to say thank you once again for a great Introduction to Homemade Bread last night. We had some with a selection of cheeses for lunch today and it was, in the words of my husband, “superb” and he was very impressed with the homemade butter.  I’m determined to practice what I’ve learned until I feel happy with it and then I’ll be back to learn how to bake Italian breads.
— Anne, October 2015, Private Course
It was a fun, relaxing way to learn how to make bread and the pasta supper was  ”bella bella”. The amount of information was just right for a beginner and the relaxed atmosphere helped to relieve any nerves we might have had at the beginning of the evening.
— Anne, October 2015, Workshop
Jack Sturgess is every bread and pasta lover’s knight in shining chef-whites. This Guildford-based chef runs classes at your home or from a professional kitchen in Puttenham, walking you through every step towards making those perfect loaves and fresh pastas, with plenty to nibble along the way.
— Guide 2 Surrey Magazine, Spetmeber 2015
I would highly recommend a few hours spent learning the ‘alchemy’ of baking bread with Jack. My friend Claire and I had a great afternoon learning how to make artisan bread and Jack was incredibly patient and great fun. At the end of the afternoon we had enough food to share with our husbands. Fantastic.
— Sarah & Claire
Thank you so much for our day of making bread. Sarah and I really enjoyed the day and it was a great present as we could spend time together whilst learning something new! The kitchen was left clean and tidy and lunch prepared was spot on!  All in all, money well spent and a good time was had by us both - thank you x
— Vivienne, August 2015, Private Course
We had a great time baking with Jack! Jack had clearly spent a lot of time working out how to make it the best baking experience you could and it worked. We have definitely been inspired to bake more. We had a fun time and a yummy dinner thank you.
— Kirsty, July 2015, Private Course
Jack blends the cheeky charm and infectious enthusiasm of Jamie Oliver with the DNA of a Bakewell Tart. The combination is a highly entertaining and informative few hours from which you will emerge a better baker and a little fatter and a LOT happier. Thoroughly recommend Jack’s accessible course to all.
— Duncan, July 2015, Private Course
Bake with Jack brings a passion for all things flour and yeast to your home with fun and fascinating bread making experiences and demonstrations tailored for one or for groups.
— Guide 2 Surrey Magazine, May 2015
I had a brilliant evening with Bake with Jack. My wife got me a voucher for Christmas, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The evening is really relaxed. You learn such a lot in a short time and Jack cooks you dinner. All good! The bread we baked was delicious, I will certainly be using what we learned at home for my family. well worth the effort.
— Paul, May 2015, Workshop
Jack’s friendly, easy and clear instructions have inspired me to recreate his recipes at home and get rid of the bread machine
— Gilian, April 2015, Workshop
I arrived not really knowing what to expect, but as soon as I started to knead the dough and saw it had risen in the bowl, I felt I would actually be able to make bread and felt much more confident! The instructions were all clear, and I like the fact that you demonstrated and helped where necessary, but also let us just get on with it! I loved the way you cooked the meal while we all chatted and shared experiences, and the food was delicious! I loved the class and will be back for more later in the year as I would love to do the Artisan breads, all just brilliant Baking with Jack!
— Gillian, April 2015, Workshop
A relaxed, gentle paced bread making experience. I felt everyone was valued individually for their own pace, abilities and expertise. Full of fun yet a lot to learn. Premises was very nice too. Loved meeting new people and sharing dinner and experience with them. Dinner was out of this world, I’ve been telling all my friends and family about Bake with Jack!
— Sanjida, March 2015, Workshop
Jack has a friendly hands on teaching approach to baking bread. The fruit and walnut loaf was a favourite and the food to accompany our homemade bread made a delicious feast. It was a treat to bake in your own kitchen and to have someone (Jack) to take care of the tidying up the kitchen after the baking had been done. A very enjoyable afternoon, thank you!
— Sally, ,March 2015, Private Course
Jack was organised, prepared and professional. He came with everything he needed to make the session run perfectly. We started learning from the moment Jack bounced in the door. His passion for yeast and all things doughy is evident and his enthusiasm and love for this craft rubs off on you immediately. “The BEST birthday present ever” said my boyfriend after Jack had left. As well all the bread we made, Jack left us with a delicious lunch. Perfect! Jack was great fun.. An entertainer as well as a master baker! When’s he going to get his own TV show?.. Come on BBC.
— Helen, March 2015, Private Course
Hi Jack , thank you for a fantastic day on Friday - we loved the whole thing . Your presentation , teaching style , enthusiasm and knowledge were absolutely first class. We felt really inspired and determined to put what we had learned into practise - bought the fresh yeast and baked these yesterday - very proud!! Thank you so much , your course really surpassed our expectations and the lunch at the end was a double bonus. We are sure we will book up again to learn more skills once these are perfected !! We hope Bake with Jack will go from strength to strength as you have a great concept and a natural way. Thanks again.
— Pippa & Tim, February 2015, Private Course
Had a great time at Bake with Jack on the Introduction to Bread Making course – everything was explained very clearly including why all the steps make such a difference to the bread you end up with. What was the bread like? Fantastic! Supermarket bread is nothing in comparison to the flavour and texture of ‘real’ bread. The supper cooked by Jack (cassoulet with fresh focaccia) was superb. Brilliant evening.
— Kevin, February 2015, Workshop
Here’s an enterprise that deserves to triumph. Jack comes to your home, with all the ingredients you need, and guides you to bake the sort of bread you would admire in a continental bakery, and all using your own humble oven! The best part is that with his expertise, what would be scary if you were following a book, turns out to be straightforward. Add to this that Jack also cooks up a delicious meal to eat with your amazing bread and it’s unbeatable. If you have even a passing interest in baking you really shouldn’t miss this! Ben and I absolutely loved it, and were so inspired afterwards that we baked a load more bread the next weekend, which turned out lovely too. I like to have something to balance the raving positives, but I really can’t think of anything that could be improved. We had such a nice time, thank you!
— Jon, February 2015, Private Course
I really enjoyed the Italian bread making session. The first session I attended was a present from my children and I’m really glad I attended the basic course first. I learnt a lot and it has inspired me to make bread. I made some straight away and now have a freezer full of an assortment of breads. I think the format of the evening is great. I now look forward to the Artisan course although May seems ages away! I think the fact I keep coming back is a sign of how much I have enjoyed the courses!
— Rosemary, January 2018, Workshop
My wife booked this bread making course for me as I had spent a lot of time and trouble turning out brick loaves and rolls! She decided I needed to get back to basics and went for: Introduction to Baking, and it worked a treat. Jack came to our home with everything he needed, and got us baking in no time. Just having someone talk you through the process was exactly what I needed. On top of that he even left us with a tasty meal to enjoy. Jack is a really friendly and charming young man who makes the experience interesting and fun and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to move on form brick to bread making!
— Colin, December 2014, Private Course
A very relaxed evening learning about how to make bread! Just the right level of difficulty for a complete beginner.
— Steve, November 2014, Workshop
Jack is passionate about his bread; this comes over with his easy manner and obvious pleasure in teaching others about his love affair with bread. We were treated to not only learning about making our own bread dough and what you could then make with the basic dough, but also how to make a risotto and a red pepper salad. All the recipes seemed to involve adding tons of olive oil! What a treat to then have a supper of risotto and italian salad and sundried tomato bread - delicious! I was amazed by your organisation, you seemed to be juggling so many plates / dishes with such calm, your previous experience as a head chef clearly coming out! At the end of the evening Jack gave us a recipe card covering all that we had done, a great idea.
— Penny, November 2014, Workshop
A friend and I had a most enjoyable and successful afternoon making rustic breads under Jack’s expert guidance. He arrived with boxes full of equipment and ingredients and left us with a lovely supper of tasty dishes to accompany the rustic breads we had made and baked. My previous attempts at making bread were disastrous. But now I have produced delicious and impressive looking breadsticks, sharing bread and rolls. I have just bought some fresh yeast to do my next batch of bread!
— Jan, November 2014, Private Course
The Italian Breads class was absolutely fantastic - a brilliant way to spend a Tuesday evening! Jack was a great teacher and made us all feel at ease straight away. I came away feeling like I had learnt a lot and picked up loads of useful tips. Dinner was delicious too...thanks Jack! I hope to be back again before too long!
— Hannah, November 2014, Workshop
“It was good to get out of my baking comfort zone, doing something different. We really enjoyed the product, in particular the rosemary and sea salt focaccia! Always good to have such a relaxed, patient person around to rescue and advise when the dough seemed much too wet! Might well like to do another of your classes at some point!”
— Peter, October 2014, Workshop
A thoroughly relaxed, enjoyable and interesting evening. It was great to lean how to produce the Italian Breads and they went down very well at home! Also, it was interesting to see you cook supper...we cook extensively at home but watching a professional was very useful in terms of picking up tips. I may well join another evening.
— Gordon,, October 2014, Workshop
More than just an introduction to homemade bread, Bake with Jack inspires, amazes and entertains in equal measure!
— Ben, October 2014, Private Course
We had a fantastic evening with Jack who is an engaging and entertaining teacher. I have been baking bread with varying success for a few years but nevertheless learnt a huge amount on the Introductory Course. It was a stimulating and enjoyable evening that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, and the bread we made was lovely! I will definitely be going to one of Jack’s other courses soon.
— Tim, September 2014, Workshop
A very enjoyable evening in good company. Despite my inexperience, I was not made to feel out of my depth and all explanations were made with great clarity..
— Andrew, September 2014, Workshop
We had a great afternoon with Jack, fun, informative, interactive and of course it was topped off by  the highlight of indulging in our creations!
— Nicola, July 2014, Private Course
I recently took part in an Italian Breads Learn in Your Own Home class with Jack for a friend’s surprise birthday party. The whole experience was great. Jack was extremely punctual, provided everything we needed for the class and fitted in perfectly with the group and within the home. He taught us all the basics of bread making in a fun but very informative way, and the outcome was very tasty. I would definitely recommend Jack to anyone looking to learn more about baking bread or just to people looking for a fun activity for a hen or birthday do! Quoting the birthday girl on the day: “This is one of the best experiences of my life!”
— Helen, July 2014, Hen Party
I recently went on the rustic bread course with Bake with Jack. It was such a fantastic experience and I learnt so much. I picked up so many tips throughout the evening in a friendly and relaxed environment. The food I went home with was so delicious, although I didn’t manage to get my hands on much of it! Jack is such a lovely person, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional. I could not recommend this experience highly enough.
— Tanya, April 201, Workshop
Hi Jack, just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday - it was perfect!! Andy absolutely loved it (as did I!) and has been raving about you all day long! :) It was such a joy to have you here, you are fantastic and I wish you all the best for the future… we might even have another one once we’ve mastered this one! Thank you again for helping me make Andy’s birthday weekend so special.
— Andrea, April 2014, Private Course
I bought a voucher for an Italian Bread Making Class for my mother’s birthday. I invited my brother and sister and we had the class at my house. Jack was a great teacher and a lot of fun. Not only did we have many laughs, we also learned some great techniques and ended up with some fantastic breads and antipasti for lunch.
— James, March 2014, Private Course
Learning to bake is one of my 50 things to do before I’m 50, and what better day to do it than on my 49th Birthday. I spent a lovely evening with four other ladies learning the basics of bread making – and believe me, there are a lot of basics! A lot to take in for the novice, but made all the easier by Jack’s relaxed and encouraging manner. By way of a bonus came a delicious, rich porcini mushroom risotto supper. A wonderful evening – and no washing up! Lots of bread goodies to take home too. Can’t wait for the next course.
— Camilla, February 2014, Workshop
Thanks so much for our lesson last Saturday! It was such an fun morning! We spent the rest of the weekend gorging on bread!!! We are hoping to put our new found skills to the test this weekend! Thanks again.
— Kara, February 2014, Private Course
I thought I’d email to say a big thank you for the baking course at the weekend. Jasmine and I really enjoyed it and I feel I know a lot more about the whole process now. The bread is all gone, it didn’t last long as it was so good and you were right about the salad bits being lovely the next day after sitting in their marinades overnight.
— Amanda, January 2014, Private Course
I really enjoyed the basic bread making course with Jack, it was relaxed, fun and informative. Watching Jack lovingly cook us all a risotto for our supper, with lots of useful tips, was a real treat and it tasted delicious. The course highlighted the areas where I’ve been going wrong making bread in the past and hopefully I’ll now have many future bread making successes. Thanks Jack.
— Tracey November 2013, Workshop
Great evening working with Olive Oil dough and the end result was much appreciated by the family at home. The class was held in a very relaxed atmosphere and you responded well to questions – even the daft ones! Can’t wait to try another course...
— Tony, November 2013, Workshop
We all thoroughly enjoyed our baking session with you - it was fun, informative, and we together produced some delicious breads - a great selection to accompany an interesting and tasty lunch! You were very organised and accommodating to our arrangements for the day which was very much appreciated. We strongly recommend your home baking sessions, thanks.
— Patricia, November 2013, Private Course
A great morning baking a variety of breads and accompanying dishes. Jack is very patient, informative and great at making the whole process clear and enjoyable. I’ll definitely be baking more breads in the near future. Recommend.”
— Michal, October 2013, Private Course
We thoroughly enjoyed our Italian breads class with Jack. He was friendly and knowledgeable, explaining everything step by step and by the end of the class we had a delicious meal! I would recommend this class to others
— Ellen, October 2013, Workshop
I really enjoyed the baking class, it was really fun and interesting and I am looking forward to baking all the breads you showed us again.
— Charlotte, October 2013, Workshop
Jack was a great teacher. The lesson was very relaxed, and we were very involved and quite hands on making the bread. I really enjoyed the class, and I will definitely be coming back for another!
— Ilona, September 2013, Private Course
If you’re thinking about booking a bread making session then I can only say – do it! Do it now! I can’t recommend it enough. The range and quantity of bread that we made was brilliant. There was a great balance between getting to have a go yourself and having an expert guide you through. And the chance to ask questions along the way was invaluable. I picked up so many tips!
— Hannah, August 2013, Private Course
Learning about baking with Jack was immensely enjoyable. Not only did we learn several tricks and tips around kneading and treating the dough, the fillings and toppings for the breads we made were first-class too! I would recommend Jack’s classes for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.
— Alex, July 2013, Workshop
I just wanted to send a brief “Thank You” message after attending your Italian bread course yesterday evening. It was fun and informative making the bread itself and the pasta meal was excellent! It was nice to spent time in the company of a great group of people with an interest in bread making.
— David, January 2013, Workshop