Eat well


Happy new year. I’m a great believer and eating well over eating healthy. I’m not a nutritionist by any stretch but I do believe that everything in moderation is a good saying and that naturally, food that is real is better for us, it just must be right?

I feel like a lot of the time when I’m speaking to people it shows when I’m making public appearances I have to defend bread, not only the fact that gluten seems to be painted as the enemy these days but also carbohydrates are frowned upon as well.

I feel like there’s a much bigger issue which is the nature of modern bread. I feel like it’s a real shame when people say to me that they are cutting bread out their life, and not for any particular reason other than the fact that it’s going to be “healthier” not to eat bread at all. The trouble is I don’t think that is the case. I think the food that is good for us is the food that is natural. It's the fruit vegetables we all know to be right and also real bread. Proper bread handcrafted from wheat, salt, water and yeast or natural east, rested for an appropriate amount of time and baked well. No artificial nonsense, additives, preservatives, or humectants.

So I guess I’m saying that this year, don’t cut it out completely, just eat real bread, make real bread and enjoy it because real food must be good for us right.

This year I created a new brand new breadmaking course and I’ve called it "Eat Well". It's full of breads that are suitable for beginners and they are full of goodness. They will accompany a selection of super tasty and wholesome dishes with plenty of ideas for what you can do with your bread.

Let's all eat well in 2018,

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