Bread Tip 119 -

You can stash your dough in the fridge overnight after kneading to make it amazing. Seriously, the dough completely transforms making the final bread so much more delicious. The difference is incredible, but it won't save you much time in the morning. Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up, turn on the oven, remove a loaf from the fridge perfectly proved and bake it straight away? Well it can be done if your willing to... PRACTICE ;-)

Bread Tip 117 - 8 TOP Sourdough TIPS

There is SO MUCH to say about sourdough bread, and all bread for that matter, it is an evolutionary learning process and it nevers ends! We've gone pretty heavy on theory the past talking about fermentation and accelleration of the puff, and in a practical way with video 101 where I showed you my whole sourdough loaf making process. This week I wanted to highlight 8 tips, 8 practical decisions I make along the way to make sure everything comes out just how I like it.

Bread Tip 116 - Sourdough: What is OVER FERMENTATION and when might it happen to YOU?

Over fermentation is the disaster of all disasters! The stickiness of all stickinesses! BE AFRAID! ...actually don't be afraid, this week I'll show you exactly what over fermentation looks like, tell you when you might be in danger of it happening AND let you know what you can do to avoid it :-)

Bread Tip 115 - How I feed my Sourdough Starter, and when is it ready to use?

You all MUST know by now that when I make bread at home it has to be three things. Puffy, a good shape, and above all Practical. That's why my starter feeding "regime" is just this, and that's why I don't pay much attention to "when" to use my starter, I use it when I am ready. I know my approach isn't for everybody, but it works for me and I hope this video will explain exactly why.